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Bazel Clojure

2 minute read

The point of the stuffing Clojure AOT into a Java Annotation processor is now revealed.

Test Run Observability

4 minute read

I’ve been witness to a few monorepo projects where Pull Requests to main are blocked until after a successful CI pipeline run. In each case the CI pipelines...

Bazel Redux

1 minute read

A lot changed in the Bazel ecosystem since the previous 2018 post. I brought the repo up to date with latest Bazel (3.3.0) & Haskell rules.

Maven Local Install

2 minute read

Very occasionally the need arises to push a 3rd party JAR that isn’t publically hosted on Maven into a private repo hosted on S3. The trick is to get Maven t...

Bazel to the Future

6 minute read

One of the promises of Bazel is “One tool, multiple languages”. Let’s validate this claim - but which languages to choose?

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